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International days of the year 2018

Posted by Anders Nord on Friday, November 01, 2019 86 Comments
Celebrate Every Day | National Day Calendar

These are the international days currently observed by the United Nations. The United Nations designates specific days, weeks, years and decades as.

Business Women's Day. Today (22nd Get the Days Of The Year weekly forecast, news and updates direct to your inbox Please International Podcast Day.

Then there are other international bodies, communities and other forums that introduce and celebrate different days. Presentation of awards by state to people having contribution in promotion of language like in literature, poetry and journalism. The idea was to promote love and affection for family and friends as American people are generally considered reluctant and embarrassed to show affection in public. There is a caution, you should first inform people about your intention of hugging them.

Its purpose is to highlight their job difficulties and creating awareness to provide custom officials more facilities. History: Customs Cooperation Council was established on 26 January, Further employees aware and appreciation ceremonies are also conducted by custom agencies to encourage and motivate employees. It further aims to pressurize government bodies to take sufficient steps to prevent this disease. There are multiple activities conducted on this day. There are different legends associated with this day and St.

It has not taken more modern shape and become more commercial and secular event than a religious one. Activities: Valentine day has become a commercial event so it is now celebrated world wide. Valentine parties are celebrated by lovers, friends and families. Flowers and gifts have become essential part of this event and red color is largely associated with this day as a symbol of love.

The Reason We Have All Those Bizarre 'International' Days - VICE

This day was first celebrated in Activities: Many NGOs are working worldwide to address issue of poverty, unemployment and social injustice in shape of exclusion.

Difference awareness campaign are run through media, workshops and seminars to remove gender, age, cast, race, disability or any other barrier in gross welfare of society.

It is celebrated in memory of Bengali Language Movement of Activities: Different countries celebrate this day separately. It was later recognized by United nations, European Union and other international organization in Activities: NGOs, NPO and charitable organization around the globe celebrate this day in the name of humanity to promote charity culture. Different seminars are conducted to make people aware about NGOs activities. It is celebrated to create awareness about reducing population of Polar Bear due to global warming threats.

This day is also gaining importance due to raising issue to climate change and endangered species. Activities: Many Zoos participate in this day celebration to educate people about affect of climate change on Polar Bear Population. He wants to be acknowledged for their contributions. So this day is celebrated to compliments for their role and contribution. It has gained popularity from then and now celebrated in many European Countries. On 8 march, , women gained right to vote and this day was celebrated as holiday from then.

Activities: It is celebrated by eating Pie and discussing about mathematical constant PI. International day of happiness was first celebrated on 20 March, Further, sponsored events and celebration are conducted under UN. History: Poetry Day was approved by UN in to promote linguistic diversity and provide opportunity to endangered languages to be remembered withing their societies.

Activities: Different countries celebrate this day in different days and in different ways. Poetry classes are conducted for children. Different organizations conduct programs where poets are invited to present their work. Further global warming is a rising threat. History: Officially approved by UN on November 28, and observed for the first time in Plants are necessary to provide basic resources of human life i.

Each year 13 million hectares land is wasted. Global warming and deforestation are becoming international threats so this day was introduced to create awareness. Activities: Governments and NGOs plant a tree on this day to make people aware.

United Nations International Days Calendar Of

Water is basic ingredient of human body and we can not survive without it. Activities: Each year a different theme is designed by UN to celebrate this day. Photo courtesy of Joel Seshold. Is it really that easy?

International days

Is marketing now as simple as inventing a day, launching a hashtag and sitting back to watch the money pour in? This will probably be widely mocked, but it was an accomplishment to establish a national day that helped restaurants in a dead week — GBK said they had an 80 percent uplift on the day annually. While this list is somewhat exclusive, anyone can apply to be featured on the internet's national day calendars, and despite the formality of the words "international" and "national", these days are in no way official.

The Party Excuses Network was launched in to "offer targeted websites that offer validated digital real estate" to brands hoping to create new holidays. At present, they are auctioning off NationalFrenchFryDay. And it really is all about trending. Yet no international celebration is as pure and uncorrupted by capitalism than Fredrik Fredricsson's International Carrot Day. I do think Carrot Day is taken more seriously by some at this point, but I don't mind.

I don't do profit on it. It's just my gift to humanity! The universe has brought them to me. Over the last decade, Miller has been drawn to international and national holidays after starting a "Thanksgiving in June" celebration with his friends.

Annual International Days - Calendar

When he hosted a podcast about downtown Vegas in the s, he would always find a national day that correlated with the weekly sponsor. I'm like, come on, universe! You really want me to do this, don't you? His father committed suicide when Miller was a teen, and Miller decided to make a video about it for his channel. According to NPR's Kenny Malone, the first National Raisin Day was celebrated over years ago — and a newspaper article from the time complained that the day was just shameless promotion by raisin growers.

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