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Dating a man with 2 baby mamas

Posted by Anders Nord on Thursday, August 29, 2019 8 Comments
Baby Mama Drama & Dealing With Your Man, His Ex, & Their Child | PairedLife

A guy with multiple baby mamas is a red flag in a sense, sure. Maybe not a red flag on the guy himself. It's possible he's a decent man with poor.

If your man is having trouble breaking away from his baby mama, you have to let him go. . I have started dating a guy for 2 months now.

This increases to eight percent at age 30, to 12 percent at age 35, and to 15 percent at age Moreover, these men have more children than men who have multiple children with the same woman: More than one-third of men 36 percent who had children with multiple women had four or more children. Cassandra Logan, Ph. Consequently, fathers may spend less time with and reduce child support payments to their children living in other households.

Would you date a man with multiple kids? | Lipstick Alley

This figure includes 24 percent of men who fathered children in multiple marital relationships and 46 percent of men who fathered children in a combination of marital and nonmarital relationships. The two then split, divorced and boom less than 2 years later he got some random girl pregnant.

Baby Mama Drama & Dealing With Your Man, His Ex, & Their Child | PairedLife

From what he says that girl was just a "booty call" he was just getting out of his divorce they used a condom, the condom broke, he offered to pay for a morning after pill but she assured him she was on birth control that it would be fine.

Then he said they stopped talking because as he calls it, it was just a booty call, but boom 6 months later she comes back saying that she's prego and that he's the father.

New Study Examines Men Who Father Children With More Than One Woman - Child Trends

So now he has 3 children, a 12yr, 8yr, and a 1y old. Now to add more to the story..

My Man Has Three Other Baby Mamas. What Should I Do? - LA Weekly

Very good with his children, sees them often, pays child support and is very involved in their lives. We don't have any problems in our relationship but I just am not sure if I will be able to deal with it all down the road..

3 Eye-Opening Reasons Men Have Children With Several Different Women (VIDEO) | HuffPost

I am so happy with him I really am but sometimes I sit and think WOW this man has 3 kids already by 2 different women. What about when I am ready to have kids?

I will be on my first and he will be on his 4th! I guess I am a little insecure about his situation but tell me, is this too much?

Should I just drop it, and find love elsewhere?

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